Golda striped shirt

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Discover elegance at its best with our Maison Popline “Parasol” striped Golda shirt. This piece is designed for those looking for a classic and distinctive style. The stripes add a touch of sophistication, while the discreet embroidery on the back of the collar adds a touch of originality.

Key Features:

High-quality fabric: Made with premium fabric, this shirt is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.
Classic Stripes: The "Parasol" stripes give this shirt a timeless and versatile look.
Embroidery on the Back of the Collar: The discreet embroidery on the back of the collar, with our "MP" logo, brings an additional touch of refinement.
Choice of Sleeves: Personalize your shirt by choosing between classic sleeves or buttonhole sleeves.
Comfortable Fit: This shirt is a straight cut with darts in the back for a body-hugging look.
Versatility and Style:
Whether you wear it to the office, for a casual date or for a special evening, the "Parasol" shirt is your style ally. It suits many occasions and can be paired with dress pants or jeans, depending on your preference.

Easy Maintenance:

This shirt is easy to care for, allowing you to keep it in perfect condition over time.